diamonds r pretty n so are pearls but nothing is as gorgeous as me n my girls!

Posted on December 8, 2007


i figure the three psychos would probably kill me for putting their deepest,darkest secrets on a public blog… overplaying just giving my opinions bout each of them……u know,all my life i waited 4 the kinda friends who would listen 2 me without judging me,would love me n accept me the way i am…..till 10th i was in an all-girls, convent school n u know the kinda chicks in convents,dnt ya?the no fun,prim n proper type-shypes!cracking one dirty joke would draw such blank looks frm dem that u’d regret ever sharin dem……..well,some r fine but somehow, i just never made my best frns there……………..the most horrific yr was the 10th std 4 sure…………u know v had these 3 sections………..section A most consisted of the nerds, section B of the slutty bitches n section C consisted of the cool cats….i unfortunately belonged 2 section A so as expected it was crap………then,came the 11th std in an all hindu school…..c the transformation…….from an all girls christian school to an all hindu co-ed..i mean i know NDA was pretty strict bout discipline n all but in no way did this school match the standards of NDA.needless 2 say,this 11th was pretty bad as well…..finally in the 12th grade when i had lost all hopes of meeting any cool ppl…bang i met my 3 best frns………SAM wid her super cool, rock chick attitude, a total sucker for celebs…uuh..hollywood celebs 2 b specific n lee ryan in particular………she’s a lotta fun n damn sweet n the most freaky..i mean generally if u ask a girl out here bout her future plans she’ll say probably a doctor, an engineer, a CEO but no, SAM wants 2 be a strip dancer in england,i mean she wants 2 take a full-fledged course in stripping….hhm…way 2 go girl!!!she’s fine really..i totally adore her but her obsession wid celebs a bit 2 much sumtimes really..thts all……nxt comes agreeta..hmmm…the innocent,sweet,mild,girl nxt door..utter bullshit man!she’s one big time pervert if u ask me….i luv her which is one way of saying honey,pls dnt kill me after readin this..lolz…she’s the most patient listener,i know, i mean i keep borin her 2 death wid my shitty talk all the bloody time but she’s always cool bout it….sumtimes i feel like shakin her n tellin her to be a lil more world-wise, i mean ppl take so much advantage of her’s sick but i guess thts what i like bout her, she never ever gets angry..i hope she doesn’t after readin dis….then….sugandha…well,sugandha’s quite a mystery i tell ya…..i mean she wants the same things as us..she wants 2 b cool n she’s a total funseeker like us but she pretends 2 b this tough,cold person wid no feelings…..thts kinda silly,isn’t it???2 go through life without feelin anythin..wats cool bout that,u tell me?n i know sugandha, she does get all scared when she isn’t prepared 4 a test, she blushes, she laughs, she gets angry…those r signs of a normal human being,right???so when i asked her this she said she has a dual(read multiple)  personality…hhmmm…confused i tell u……but there r things bout her tht i totally admire like she’s very intense n observant n strong which r qualities u need 2 succeed in life..she also is gutsy i mean u need guts 2 bunk classes n leave school by foolin the guard..lolz…hey not trying 2 be hari of five pt someone here….i have my own grey shades…..i mean in NDA i was like this big snob..SAM tells me i can be quite a fkn bitch if i wanna which is true…..agreeta says im packed with lots of attitude n have smth bout my personality tht draws attention which is a polite way of saying tht im actually useless but still seem 2 draw attention owing to the no of proposals i keep gettin..well….sugandha says i look drop dead gorgeous(which i completely agree wid.lolz)she also says im childish,well,maybe…..smtimes i think v stuck 2gether coz v share similar qualities like v all have an uncanny ability 2 get into shitty controversies without meaning 2.lolz…but smtimes i think v r togeher coz v r all basically outcastes in one way or another…..either way v r together n i hope v always remain together…………..