life is an utter mess!

Posted on December 8, 2007


life pretty much sucks right now..seems like i’ve reached a pt of stagnation…..i was full of dreams n hopes,ambitious,outgoing n tough,i still am….but i am afraid im losing my self confidence……i’ll be facing my first competition at an all india level next yr n i dunno if im gonna make it or not..i mean till 10th i felt like the king of the world..then y do i feel dumb n under confident,scared of what my future holds, scared if im gonna live up 2 so many expectations,scared n onfused if this is what i really wanna do,end up as an egineer…or am i cut out 4 something else….i really dunno…it’s strange how my mind is oming up wid all sorts of weird this what every student out there trying 2 make a life,trying desperately 2 make the cut feels like?is this just a phase or am i just one sore loser who gets cold feet just when it’s time 2 take a lil bit of responsibility..i really……..dnt feel 2 good bout myself right now…………