the status of women today……..

Posted on December 8, 2007


“the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” , but today i am here to challenge the authenticity of this saying……let us take the word “rule” in its literal sense….how many women across the globe are actively involoved in the decision making process of their respective countries????a microscopic minority to be painfully frank…forget about that….how many women are safe n secure within their very own countries..women are often subjected to various crimes like rape,sexual harassment,molestation,prostitution,forced labour,unequal wages n posts despite having the same qualifications as compared to their male counterparts..even in giant corporate houses the sons take over the leadership of the family whereas the women of the family are married into another rich n influential family without having much say in the legal proceedings??is this what we mean by empowerment of women….education is considered to be the sole reason for the existence of an individual…without it life would be a monotonous drudgery..however,it’s sad to the point of being almost laughable that it’s considered to be an extension of a woman’s role which primarily includes being a good mother n a good wife first..since women have taken to the primary task of parenting n nurturing n have performed these tedious jobs with commendable efficiency it’s somehow naturally assumed that they are best suited to this task……there’ve been exceptions,who’ve broken the shackles of utter hypocrisy n narrow mindedness to scale great heights but they’re exceptions n exceptions don’t make the rule…..until n unless women from the down-trodden, grass root levels come out n make it on their own, the process of the overall development of women will not be complete, women political theorists in the past n female reformers were burnt alive for daring to speak against the age old male dominance but women will come time n again who’ll wage a battle against these injustices n will finally emerge victorious in earning the rightful place n respect 4 women in the society.

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