Asian players of the 21st century…..

Posted on December 12, 2007


with a combined booming population of 1.80 billion,v have enormous manpower n that too technically skilled n readily available at cheaper,nominal rates. from the time of independence v have made remarkable progress in virtually every field including science n technology, the quick n easy adaptation to global market n the ease with which v have met international demands is quite outstanding.the GDP growth of both the countries have been phenomenol, the growth of two way trade between the two leading asian countries has benifited both enormously.honk kong has become a top rank economic partner of india lately, indian industries are investing in china in diverse areas such as information technology, cultural tourism,information technology, telecommunications,energy,automotive n hospitality.the report of the natioinal intelligence council of the USA titled “mapping the global future” released in dec 2004 stated that just like the 19th century was referred to as the american century, the 21st century is increasingly being called the asian century owing to the high technological advancement,industrial growth followed by a great boom witnessed in the manufacturing sector in india….