its difficult being ISHITA SINHA……

Posted on February 6, 2010


well,i dunno whr 2 begin so i guess i’d just str by sayin a hello 2 everyone who is readin dis!m bloggin aftr quite sum tym now!pls dnt expect any phadu gyaan here!dis tym i just wanna let out all d anger n frustration thts locked up inside.

Ever since i stepped into dis insti,my lyf has been a living nightmare tht just wudnt end no mttr how hard i pinch myself!i hve been majorly hyped all ryt!frm my clothes to my lipgloss to my kajal to my hairstyle to my shoes..ppl just luv talking bout me..i neva cud figure out d reason.nuthn i did has been “outta line”.i mean a gud fashion statement or a cute boyfriend in d 1st yr n den d alleged break up,m happily committed to another guy n its been 9 months but ppl still talk bout my last relationship!..y r ppl so obsessed wid me?everywhr i go,a hundred eyes follow me..heads turn,whispers follow!rumours…oh d bloody rumours!its amazing how u get 2 know things about urself tht u neva knew by ppl who “claim” dey have d real dope on ishita simply amazes me wen ppl come upto me n temme dey knw everythn dere is to me…i mean,i hvnt even figured myself out completely as of hidden desires,my future,d things i want from life n just what wud gimme that eternal peace of mind n solace..i dunno..yet dey claim dey knw it all!beauty is within every creation of god n i wanna b beautiful again!i wanna find myself again..i try n i fall..i try agn n fall agn but i keep tryin..i knw dey watch all my moves..sum pity,sum laugh,sum envy,sum fake indifference wen its me tht adds all d spice in dere lyf.i mean,if u need sum masala or u r downryt desperate 4 action,im sure dere r so many alternatives.i knw it irritates d shit outta ppl to c just how indifferent im to all d things dey try to do to get my attention.from wrng numbers to friend requests to cheap commenting to stalking..i think u ppl shud seriously gve it a rest n save urself further humiliation!

the grls in coll… u hate me,do ya?den y is it dat u try n follow me..try n get d same clothes..u myt copy d dressing u get d same attitude?its not bout “acting” cool,its bout being urself!im myself,dis is hw i hve been all my lyf,if it surprises u,i cnt do nethn bout it,hell,i cnt even change myself a tiny lil bit 4 u coz i simply luv myself d way im!if u hate me/cnt stand d ground i walk on/are disgusted by me/think im a cheap slut,just STAY AWAY!y do u need 2 cum mess wid me?y is it tht u try n b me?if publicity is easy 2 get by wearing a particular kinda clothes,y dnt u hve it?think bout it..ur lyf wud b much simpler n u wudnt b so frustrated n jealous.its not me who u cnt stand..i guess u just cnt stand being urself!

lyf tuk a turn 4 d worse n i ended up in d wrng place living d wrng lyf n m tryin 2 cope wid it d best way i can.i dnt judge u,i dnt even care who u r,i dnt gve a fuck wht u luk like or how u talk..m just too engrossed in everythn n anythn tht concerns me n my lyf.i dnt undrstnd ur crazy obsession wid me!y do u care wht i do n y i do?y is my entire lyf open to public criticism?ppl say dere is a price 2 pay 4 being famous but i hve neva “tried” 2 get attention or b famous!i dnt even gve a flyin fuck!d bottom line is i luv myself n my lyf,even though its borin n depressing at times,i find ways to keep myself n my loved ones happy.d only piece of advice i’d like to toss in is tht d only way to rid urself of such maniacal obsession is by fallin in luv wid urself!tke cre..ciao

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