A strange love story..!

Posted on November 12, 2011


“Sam,I love you so much!I would do just about anything in this world to see that  smile spread all over your beautiful face!”

“Awww,really??you are a sweetheart,rahul!”

“Sam,do you love me just as much?”

“Uuh..Ofcourse I do!Oh,look,my ice-cream melted….aaarghhh..cannot eat this gooey mess now,please go get me another one,can you sweetie?”

“Hmm…yeah sure.”

This was an everyday occurrence in Samaira’s life,she loved rahul,she knew that he was the best thing in her life.Her lover,friend,confidant,supporter,admirer,EVERYTHING!It was like a fairy tale,she often marveled at her good fortune,finding a guy like rahul,handsome,rich and loving.He was the perfect combination of chiseled good looks and a heart that had nothing but undying love for  her.To top it all, a solid,steady paycheck at the end of the month that promised her innumerable gifts!She really was one lucky girl,like her friends told her.

Suddenly,her smile waned as the thoughts of abhay consumed her.Their hot and torrid affair had not lasted long.He was just like her,non-demanding, yet insatiable.The kind of guy that you know is too dangerous for your health and your sanity.He was the kind who would never demand a thing from you,never ask you who you were talking to in the middle of the night or question you about the late dinner date you had with a hunky friend of yours and that made him all the more unattainable.It was like having him but only in parts.She could never read his mind,predict his moves or control his actions and it annoyed her thoroughly.She wanted him to ask her questions,be jealous of her male friend,she wanted him to show her that he needed her ,she wanted him to be openly possessive!!!To show signs of insecurity.Hell,she WANTED him!Her obsession had freaked him out.Well,it freaked her out too.Just thinking about him sent shivers down her spine and made her ache with desire.

“There is your ice-cream,now come on,gimme a smile angel!”

She smiles,yes,she was lucky to have rahul but did she want to be lucky?Did she even care?

She remembers something she callously scribbled over her notebook once and she couldn’t relate to it more than she did now:

You think you know me but you really don’t!Each time you clap your hands and say”ahaan…i have her all figured out!”,i go two steps ahead and deceive you.You say i have changed but the thing is you just never knew who i was.You say you are losing me and i think,”he is fooling himself,he knows he never really had me!”…………




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