That girl with those dark eyes…!!!

Posted on November 12, 2011


She walks ahead,oblivious of her surroundings,lost deep in her thoughts,she cannot bear  people staring  at her vulgarly as if she were a piece of meat.The acuteness with which they stare at her,she is almost sure she’ll trip and fall yet she walks ahead defiantly ,head held high!She pretends she doesn’t care,she closes down,builds an aura around herself that screams “Don’t even DARE talk to me!!!”,yet she is so lonely…she yearns for some comfort,someone to hold her tight and never let her go,someone who tells her that it is okay to be imperfect,it is okay to fail,it is okay to lose,someone to tell her that she is needed!!

She laughs.A soft,deep,hurtful laughter.How easy it is to point fingers,how easy it is to look back and ridicule every relationship she has ever shared with anyone.People joke about it,they say it is a game for her,she is a player,a manipulator, a vicious,ruthless,calculating mastermind.Noone knows that each of these relationships have affected her and still affect her,they have robbed her of a part of her life that she will never get back,they have changed her forever in so many ways that she doesn’t even realize.

She struggles each day and wonders what she did to deserve such a difficult life.She wakes up in the morning and looks into the mirror and she can see the evil inside her taunting her,telling her “You are no angel,don’t go around feeling all sorry for yourself,you know you have broken quite a few hearts,not all of them unawaringly,you have hurt people too,sometimes wanting to derive the sheer pleasure from seeing them hurt and cry,you have misjudged too and when have you given friendship a chance?Your loneliness is your most entertaining company!So get up,another hard day awaits you”.She laughs again,an evil,Chesire cat grin forming at the corners of her kissable mouth with a hint of that devilish gleam in her dark,jet black eyes,an interesting mixture of sadness,sarcasm,helplessness and defiance..!

She didn’t tell you but she LOVES complexities,pain sometimes gives her a high! 😉

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