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A strange love story..!

November 12, 2011


“Sam,I love you so much!I would do just about anything in this world to see that  smile spread all over your beautiful face!” “Awww,really??you are a sweetheart,rahul!” “Sam,do you love me just as much?” “Uuh..Ofcourse I do!Oh,look,my ice-cream melted….aaarghhh..cannot eat this gooey mess now,please go get me another one,can you sweetie?” “Hmm…yeah sure.” This was […]

That girl with those dark eyes…!!!

November 12, 2011


She walks ahead,oblivious of her surroundings,lost deep in her thoughts,she cannot bear  people staring  at her vulgarly as if she were a piece of meat.The acuteness with which they stare at her,she is almost sure she’ll trip and fall yet she walks ahead defiantly ,head held high!She pretends she doesn’t care,she closes down,builds an aura […]

The eccentricities of life and a peculiar confessional…!

October 1, 2011


My life has not been smooth..there have been innumerable ups and downs,turmoils,hardships,some failed relationships,battered trust and shattered dreams,yet i found the courage to move on..we all have to..some day or the other!It is a decision you make when the relaization finally dawns upon you,you need to forget and you need to forgive in order to […]

electing a lady….!

September 18, 2010


it is a global experience that in any political system,right from the developed to the developing nations,the presence of women in the political process is marginal except a few countries like the nordic countries.women in several countries had to wage long and grim battles to even get a basic”right to vote”.radical feminists were not satisfied […]

lost innocence

March 29, 2010


Innocence is like polished armor; it adorns and defends. To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower: Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour. that’s innocence…………,In life,people can be such utterly double faced backstabbers.lyf screws u the moment u think u […]

its difficult being ISHITA SINHA……

February 6, 2010


well,i dunno whr 2 begin so i guess i’d just str by sayin a hello 2 everyone who is readin dis!m bloggin aftr quite sum tym now!pls dnt expect any phadu gyaan here!dis tym i just wanna let out all d anger n frustration thts locked up inside. Ever since i stepped into dis insti,my […]

diamonds r pretty n so are pearls but nothing is as gorgeous as me n my girls!

December 8, 2007


i figure the three psychos would probably kill me for putting their deepest,darkest secrets on a public blog… overplaying just giving my opinions bout each of them……u know,all my life i waited 4 the kinda friends who would listen 2 me without judging me,would love me n accept me the way i am…..till 10th […]